Light Railways

Nos 51 to 75

Autumn 1975 to January 1982

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No. 75 January 1982:

Special issue featuring Australian timber tramways.

Note: This issue is now only available as a pdf download file from the LRRSA Online Shop.

No. 74 October 1981:

No. 73 July 1981:

A special timber tramways issue, with timber tramways from three states.

No. 72 April 1981:

No. 71 January 1981:

No. 70 October 1980:

No. 69 July 1980:

No. 68 April 1980:

Note: This issue is now only available as a pdf download file from the LRRSA Online Shop.

The same subject is covered in more depth in the book Britannia Creek, by Arthur Winzenreid, published by APW Productions in 1986. The book is out of print, but may be available on the second hand market.

No. 67 January 1980:

This is a special issue dealing exclusively with a 3 ft gauge wooden-railed horse-hauled timber tramway which operated from Whittlesea railway station (28 miles north of Melbourne). The tramway ran mostly along the Yea Road to Flowerdale and Kinglake, and had many branches. It operated from 1912 to 1926. The article includes detailed maps, many photographs, and very well written text - including a day in the life of a driver.

No. 66 October 1979:

A special issue providing an overview of Australia's sugar tramways.

No. 65 July 1979:

A special issue describing Baldwin 4-10-1/2C class 3 ft 6 in gauge 0-4-0ST locomotives in Australia.

No. 64 April 1979:

No. 63 January 1979:

No. 62 October 1978:

No. 61 July 1978:

A special issue recording the history of an interesting 2 ft 6 in gauge timber tramway which used two A class Shay locomotives. Includes 14 photographs, some of which are historic gems, five maps and diagrams, and a scale drawing of Lima Shay locomotive, builder's number 2097.

No. 60 April 1978:

A special 44 page issue dealing with the 2 ft and standard gauge railways serving the Corrimal Colliery. Includes scale drawings of four 2 ft gauge steam locos, eight other diagrams and maps, and 37 photographs.

No. 59 January 1978:

No. 58 October 1977:

No. 57 Spring 1976:

No. 56 Winter 1976:

No. 55 Autumn 1976:

No. 54 Summer 1975-76:

A special issue describing Queensland's best known timber tramway.

Note: This issue is not currently available.
           It has been replaced by the book Laheys' Canungra Tramway.

No. 53 Spring 1975:

Note: This issue is now only available as a pdf download file from the LRRSA Online Shop.

No. 52 Winter 1975:


No. 51 Autumn 1975:

This issue is not currently available.