New South Wales timber tramways - select bibliography

Timber tramways in New South Wales

By: Jim Longworth, April 2000 This is a list of known references to timber tramways in NSW. Many more are rumoured or thought to have existed. Readers are cordially invited to add to the list so that it may be as useful as possible.

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Items on New South Wales timber tramways published in Light Railways Nos 63 to 197

Description of article

Article name


Publication No. and Page No.


Report of a field exploration of the remnants of the Termeil-Bawley Point horse-drawn logging tramway

Bawley Point-Termeil Logging Tramway

Bevage, Ian

LR 192, 25


Article on Croll’s timber tramway at Myall Lake

Alexander Croll’s Timber Tramway: Myall Lake

Longworth, Jim

LR 182, 7


Research item regarding location of incline on timber tramway

Carson’s Timber Tramway, Olney State Forest (LR 98)

Longworth, Jim

LR 180, 26


Research item requesting information on Croll’s timber tramway

Croll’s Timber Tramway, Mayers Point, NSW

Longworth, Jim
McNeil, Ian

LR 167, 26


Article on Hudson Brother’s timber tramways in the Myall Lakes region of New South Wales

Hudson Brother’s timber tramways between Tarbuck Brush and Narani

Longworth, Jim

LR 155, 5


Letter regarding South Coast Timber Trams article in LR 128

South Coast Timber Trams (LR 128)

Field, G

LR 154, 24


Illustrated article on timber tramways between Ulladulla and the Victorian border.

An Introduction to the Timber Tramways of the New South Wales Far South Coast – Part 2

Longworth, Jim

LR 151, 5


Brief reference to remains of a logging tramway on south coast.

Kioloa Logging Tramway

Bromage, David

LR 145, 26


Follow up item on above.

Kioloa Logging Tramway

Harvey, Colin

LR 146, 25


Detailed illustrated article on 4 ft 8-1/2 in gauge horse operated wooden-rail tramway which operated near Buladelah between 1908 & 1918.

The Markwell Timber Tramway

McNeil, Ian

LR 132, 3


Operations on a standard gauge timber tramway, which operated at Kendall, on the north coast 430 km from Sydney. A B class Climax locomotive was used.

Longworth's Logging Line An Operational History

Cooper, Ray

LR 131, 11


Follow-up on above article with map and photographs of remains.

Longworth's Logging Line

Mottram, David

LR133, 21


Detailed article on several steam and horse hauled timber tramways which operated around Buladelah north of Sydney in the first decades of the 20th century.

Timber from Purgatory

McNeill, Ian

LR 129, 6


Brief introduction to timber tramways between Nowra and Ulladulla

An introduction to the timber tramways on the New South Wales far south coast

Longworth, Jim

LR 128, 10


Description of a small timber tramway east of Windsor, north of Sydney.

Tommy's Gully Timber Tramway

Longworth, Jim

LR 127, 13


Description of a logging branch tramway built by Millars Timber & Trading Co. It is a report of a field expedition and follows on from the article in LR 113.

Harriett Creek Logging Branchline, Simsville.

McNeill, Ian

LR127, 16


A History of the Timber Industry at Simsville, in the Myall State Forest, north of Newcastle.

Simsville and the Jarrah Mill.

McNeill, Ian J.

LR113, 1


Edited reprint of an article which appeared in a railway & tramway workers' journal of 20 June 1924, describing a journey on Longworth's timber tramway at Kendall on the North Coas railway. It used a B class Climax locomotive.

Longworth's Tramway, Kendall


Dewey, C F

LR112, 27


Description of a series of timber tramways on the Dorrigo Plateau, about 70 km east of Coffs Harbour. Includes Bellinger Timber Co Brooklana Timber Co., The Briggsvale Tramway, The Cascade Tramway, and the Timmsvale Tramway.

Logging Tramways of Dorrigo Plateau


McNeil Ian

LR100, 3

As pdf

Describes timber operations about 20 km north-west of Wyong, including an incline tramway.

Carson's Timber Oper­ations in the Olney State Forest

Holmes, Laurie & Ritter, John

LR98, 17


Describes the making of a feature film in the 1930s on location at Simsville in which "B" class Climax loco appeared.

Making the film Tall Timbers

Burke, David & Hall, Ken.


As pdf

Langley Bros, Langley Vale - photos of "A" class Climax loco

Photo Section

LR75, 71

As pdf

Longworth Limited,

Kendall - photo of "B" class

Climax loco

Photo Section

LR75, 70

As pdf

Includes photographs of steam locomotives on Coffs Harbour Timber Company tram­way at Boambee.

Coffs Harbour Discoveries

Kramer, John

LR74, 35


Brief article on Allen Taylor"s tramway at Mayers Point, near Buladelah. The tramway used two Climax locomotives, and two con­ventional steam locomotives.

Mayers Point Tramway

Burke, David

LR70, 15


Follow up items on the above article, including photo­graphs

Mayers Point Tramway

Kramer, John Wright,Harry Buckland, John

LR72, 21 LR74, 44 LR74, 44




Description of timber tramway in Roseberry State Forest, north-west of Kyogle and just south of the Queensland border.

Levers Tramway, Long Creek

Rutley, Graham

LR63, 9


Follow up item on above - very good photograph of rail tractor hauling log.

Levers Tramway,

LR64, 10


Other References to New South Wales Timber Tramways

Details of other published references to timber tramways in New South Wales would be appreciated.

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