Western Australian timber tramways

Items on Western Australia timber tramways published in Light Railways Nos 147 to 197

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Letter regarding locomotive SSM No. 2

WA Sawmill Locomotives

Purcell, Len

LR179, 24


Account of a derailment of No. 109 at Nannup Sawmill

Tip up at Nannup

Purcell, Len

LR172, 3


Illustrated article on Quinninup Sawmill Locomotive Depot

From Steam to Wildflowers

Purcell, Len

LR163, 16


Letter referring to above article

Running the Rake (LR 155)

Lane, Wal

LR159, 24


Illustrated account of a trip on SSM No.8 at Pemberton in 1962

Running the Rake

Purcell, Len

LR155, 3


Research  item on Lewis & Reid timber mill tramway near Allanson

Horse-Worked Logging Tramways, Allanson WA

Whiteford, David

LR152, 27


Short article with photos on remaining timber mill steam locomotives at the end of 1967

Steam through the Bush

Belbin, Bruce

LR149, 15


Illustrated account of the search for the Kalgoorlie woodlines in June 1998

In Search of the Woodlines

Gunzburg, Adrian

LR147, 10


Photo feature of diesel locomotives used at Western Australian timber mills

Western Australian Timber Mill Diesels – Part One

Browning, John

LR146, 18


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