Sugar cane railways

Photo: Brad Peadon


Formerly known as sugar tramways, Queensland's sugar railways have come a long way since they were first established as steam and horse hauled tramways in the 1880s.

Today they represent what is probably the world's most advanced series of 610 mm gauge railways. Along a 1,750 km coastal strip stretching from just north of Brisbane to just north of Cairns you will find:

The articles listed below provide an insight into the history and current operations of these railways. They regularly feature in our journal Light Railways.

Note: Since these articles were written Moreton Sugar Mill at Nambour, and Fairymead Sugar Mill at Bundaberg, have closed.

Queensland sugar cane railways today

Australia's sugar industry

Sugar cane transport

Preserved Australian sugar cane locomotives

Australian sugar industry locomotives - 2000

Australian sugar industry locomotives - 2005

Australian sugar tramways in 1980

Four and six coupled on Australian sugar tramways